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Do you know the car insurance rules?

January 1st, 2008 at 04:29 pm

I am pretty livid with my car insurance company. I now have the privilege of paying $3000 per year for 3 cars and 3 drivers.

The rates went up when my daughter had an at-fault accident. OK, can't argue that. But then she was rear-ended by some one who wound up leaving the scene. We filed a police report after the fact, and it appears that this is why our insurance got raised AGAIN, even though we made no claim since the damage to the rear bumper was cosmetic and was $500, the deductible. They say that ANY activity such as a police report of an accident counts as "activity", and they can raise our rates. So I told them that this will cause me to shop around, even though previously I had wanted to just stay with them since things had always gone well before.

11 Responses to “Do you know the car insurance rules?”

  1. Amber Says:

    I found that out the hard way, my sister who is an auto insurance adjustor,opened my eyes.She said anytime you report anything it is assigned a claim number and therefore it is a claim, even if is not your fault
    In one year my car was broken into (insurance did not need to replace anything, my deductible was $250, the claim was $80) and guess what they went up my premium. Next I was reared ended same thing.

  2. disneysteve Says:

    Actually, that's true of homeowners insurance, too. Don't make any contact with your insurer unless you are positive you will be filing a claim. Just an inquiry counts against you.

    Not that it helps you now, though it might help others in the future, but if you weren't going to file a claim, there was really no reason to file a police report.

  3. Ralph Says:

    Hmm, I guess I learned the hard way too! I wonder how much is up to the insurance company - they make it sound like it is a regulation or something. I thought the situation now is that things are competitive, so I would think they wouldn't be out to screw us as much to keep us from switching.

  4. disneysteve Says:

    Unfortunately, switching now probably isn't such a good idea because you now have this accident on your record.

  5. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Want to trade? We pay over $6000 a year for 2 drivers. But, that also covers 6 vehicles, 1 RV and a road tractor (tractor goes over 3 miles on the road to go back and forth between our farms). Insurance kills farmers. This is in addition to our homeowners insurance, equipment insurance and insurance on livestock....

  6. Ralph Says:

    "Not that it helps you now, though it might help others in the future, but if you weren't going to file a claim, there was really no reason to file a police report."

    We filed it to try to get paid by the guilty party, but their insurance company stonewalled us and denied everything, so I still want to lodge a complaint about them.

  7. Amber Says:

    Ralph to answer you questions, I asked my sister once and she said that it is definately up to the insurance company

  8. mjrube94 Says:

    It's worth a few phone calls (or internet visits) to shop around, even with the accident. Check with your work, alumni associations, other affiliations (e.g., AAA) and price it out. I'm thrilled with my insurance company (Liberty Mutual) but I still go through the process of shopping around just to make sure.

    Even if you stay with your existing company, it's worth a call to their sales agent to ask them what you can do to reduce your rates. Maybe raising your deductibles, taking a defensive driving course, etc. Good luck!

  9. sam marvin Says:

    my car recently caught fire i have been looking for the rules or regulations on how long it should take for my car to even be looked at by the insurance agency i THINK that due to me being a female i am being messed with can anyone help this happened on 6/24/08 and it is now 6/30/08 my car still sits at the shop we left it at after the fire please email me if anyone can help smarv_25@yahoo.com

  10. Amber Says:

    Sorry sam to hear about your car, good luck.

  11. car lover Says:

    When I had my car damaged, my insurance said that it was not covered. So I had to pay myself just ti get it fixed.

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