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2011 Goals

Same as 2010!

1. Cure my procrastination problem.
2. Find a way to deal with college costs.
3. Get organized.
4. Get new roof.
5. Eat right and exercise.

Progress as of 7/3/11:
1. Don't ask.
2. Ugh.
3. Not a total mess.
4. See # 1
5. Fair, but I can do better!

10/29/11 update:
1. Nope - that is very tough.
2. I got nothing.
3. OK, this one I CAN do. Not there yet, though!
4. Done!
5. Could be worse.

1/21/12 final update:
1. Read "The Procrastination Equation", and made some slow progress. Definitely a work in progress.
2. Focus was on how to deal with job loss - wound up with the same pay and benefits but increased travel and living costs for work.
3. Tomboy notes is working pretty well, but sticking to it is a constant challenge. "Success spirals" as described in the procrastination book from Item 1 are a good way of maintaining progress.
4. The new roof is one! As well as a new heater and water heater.
5. I have lost a little weight, but exercise has taken a back deat during my times of job changing stress.

So overall, slow steady progress. For 2012 I need to apply more ooomph!