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2012 Goals

1. Kill my mail pile!
2. Stay organized.
3. Cut expenses.

October 7 Progress Report:
1, Nope! Will work on that today!
2. Meh. I have been staying on top of most things, bills and medical co-pays, etc. but I had a big failure, a huge rebate where they say they never go the form (yeah, right!) and I can't locate my copy. Arghhh! A major lapse in judgement not to send it certified or registered mail and follow up regularly.
3. Needs work. So what have I been doing this year? Mostly commuting and adjusting to the resultant 13 hour days (door to door). That leaves me exhausted on weeknights, so most work at home has to occur on the weekends, and all I want to do then is relax.