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February 2009 Goals

1. [] Stop CC high interest cash bleeding.
2. [] Start taxes as prerequisite for FAFSA.
3. [] Finalize budget and debt pay down plan.
4. [D] Oil change(s) - deferred until March.
5. [] Organize budget and files.
6. [X] Install disc drive in this computer!!

2/13/09 update:
1. Only about half done, still top priority by far.
2. I better get started!
3. Still working with Quicken to analyze actual spending.
4. Should buy filter or clip coupon to be ready.
5. Needs work!
6. A nice to have, not realistic with my workload. Involves rearranging files on the other computer first.

2/19/09 update:
1. Still needs work!
2. Started!
3. Getting closer. Made an extra payment on a high interest card.
4. No progress.
5. Working. Started computer logs now possible thanks to #6!
6. Done! Woohoo! I love Ubuntu!