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January 2009 Goals

1. [-] Refinance CC debt to avoid high rates
2. [ ] Oil change
3. [ ] Develop debt pay down plan/family budget
4. [X] Complete online driver's course for 5% insurance rate reduction, get other two drivers to do the same.
5. [ ] Clean up paperwork backlog/improve filing system ease of use

Progress as of 1/18: Not good!
1. This one is driving me crazy! BoA has cancelled two CCs because of inactivity they say, but they've also lowered the credit line on my large balance expiring 2% going to 12% to basically the balance! So they are killing my FICO score with their "cleaning up" and due diligence. And I have not been able to move the money to a lower interest rate. Frown
2. Oil change deferred, I have a few months and I am busy with Priority 1!
3. No progress.
4. Almost done, I have to finish before I forget!
5. I've been whittling it down, but I need a new system. The main problem is space and accessibility, I fir it all into one cabinet section, and I need to move out stuff that just takes up space and is seldom accessed.

1/25 update:
1. Agghhhh! See blog!
2. Deferred until Feb./March
3. Working, starting with analyzing last year's spending in Quickenonline.
4. Done! For myself anyway, getting spouse and offspring to do it also, and I still need to follow up by emailing certificate to Insurance CO when I get it tomorrow.
5. No progress, working on #1 and #3.

Final wrapup (2/19/09):
1. About half done. Frown
2. Deferred until March.
3. Need to kick it up a notch!
4. It ain't done until the paperwork is finished! Dropped the ball here, need to mail today! Mailed.

Final analysis: C : needs improvement.