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How do you stay fit inexpensively?

December 31st, 2007 at 02:25 am

For me, it's road cycling. I can just leave my house and be back anytime from .5 to 3 hours. No driving anywhere, no gym memberships, and it's extremely time-efficient. I still ride my 1988 bike, so I can keep the expenses under $100 per year. The only necessities are tubes, tires, chain lube, and occasional bike maintenance. I'm lucky enough to live in an area where I can ride for a lot of the winter. The main drawback is it's weekends only during the winter. Another drawback is it's non weight-bearing, so I supplement it by walking the dog. But like any exercise program, if it suits you you stay with it, and I do, since it gives me so much back - the joy of the open road, great exercise, and everchanging scenery.

4 Responses to “How do you stay fit inexpensively?”

  1. dardhel Says:

    Well being military helps me out as our Gyms are free. However, my workouts are also inexpensive as I do the usual pushups, situps and jogging. All of which I did when in college prior to even thinking about joining up. As a side note, I do mountain bike in the summers and ski in the winters but those are far from being a regular workout.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well, I walked around the park today for about an hour.

    Truth is, exercising can be a very inexpensive affair. For example calisthenics is one of the cheapest body conditioning methods out there. It can just about take care of most of your body, and minimal cost for equipment, such as dumb bells for biceps, can take care of the rest.

    I guess it's a matter of preference and discipline....

    Text is Here's a book I like that you may find interesting. and Link is
    Here's a book I like that you may find interesting. The author is also in his 50's and relies almost exclusively on calisthenics. However, it is focused on bodybuilding, not bicycling.

  3. davera Says:

    I'm a summertime cyclist---love riding on rural roads. The most extravagant splurge I've made in 5 years is my beloved Trek 5200. She has over 10,000 miles, and has been up the Rockies, down the Blue Ridge, around the NY Fingerlakes, and criss-crossed Florida. She's worth every penny, as she's taken me places and to meet people I never otherwise would have encountered.

  4. Ralph Says:

    Sweet bike, davera. You can color me very happy for you and envious, riding that bike in the Rockies, Blue Ridge, and Finger Lakes - you have great taste in hobbies and scenery. I agree, a good bike has an incredible return on investment!

    That's my dream, to get a new bike some day. But it seems so far off since every day seems to bring another expense. But I think what I will do is to keep monitoring craigslist to find a decent used one a step up from entry level, like something that would sell new for $1200 for hopefully something like $4-500. So can I afford it? No, so I may wait until my old one dies, since I refuse to live without a bike, but the way it is going it will NEVER die! Then I may have to invoke the "life is short rule" and buy one anyway. Smile

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