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Financial Denial and Hopelessness

May 18th, 2008 at 06:52 pm

I have a feeling that "financial denial" is a major cog in the credit industry's machinery. Back in the day, people didn't have this tool to get them in financial trouble, they just had to suck it up and stop spending, to balance their budget in real time! I know I have always hated to think about money, and that's a mental block I really need to work harder to get past. And my immediate family also has it, big time. They are all too happy to let me suffer through the misery of trying to make ends meet all on my own. I've said it here before, that I always meant to go all Ross Perot on their ***es, to show them just where the problem is and what we have to do. I suppose it all comes down to me being too much of a wimp. But I am quite aware that it's doing my daughters much more harm to allow this to continue to fester than to get them involved in buckling down and dealing with life.

That said, when expenses just rain down, I understandably get depressed. Large dental bills, the ever increasing gas and food bite, and the big kahuna college along with persistent old debt can be a TAD overwhelming.

3 Responses to “Financial Denial and Hopelessness”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Man... I think you are wrong to do this financial responsibility path alone... to be the sole bearer of financial anxiety in the household. You are a hardworking man and a good provider - where's your payoff - your good times ??

    How much of this is connected with the traditional role of being a man - as the provider ? Do you feel like you'd be a failure by asking your daughters to be responsible for their spending and stop being gimme gimme gimme machines ?

    Do they really appreciate the fact that you are going to put them through college or do they simply expect it ??

    If you had 2 sons instead of 2 daughters, would you find it easier to broach the area with them ?

    You sound like a great dad.... do your daughters one more favour and open their eyes to the real world that's oiled by dollars and cents... they might learn that a strong woman pays her own way and doesn't get everything she wants if she can't afford it.... unless they want to be forever feeding off men...

    Good Luck !!!!!

  2. paulettegoddard Says:

    You should watch the 1936 film "My Man Godfrey." You might identify with Mr. Bullock:

    Alexander Bullock: I've just been going over last month's bills, and I find that you people have confused me with the Treasury Department.
    Cornelia Bullock: Oh, don't start that again, Dad.
    Alexander Bullock: I don't mind giving the government 60% of what I make. But I can't do it when my family spends 50%!
    Irene: Well, why should the government get more money than your own family?

  3. managinglife Says:

    You sound like a man who is dog paddling to keep up with your college daugthers' expenses. There is nothing wrong with them paying their college education and personal expenses. Are they able to work in the summer? Talk to them about paying at least 10% - 25% to lighten your load or buy their own course books. It will result with them not taking your money for granted. Remember, you are raising financially independent women.

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