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So who's your financial guru? Dave Ramsey? Jeff Yeager?

January 2nd, 2009 at 05:31 pm

I just finished a little book by Jeff Yeager that I got from the new books section of the library. It was entertaining and very easy to read. I didn't glean a lot of new stuff from it, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. My main thought was "hey, this guy is a cheapskate just like me, so why does it work for him and not me". The answer is of course that he had his family on-board and was more dedicated than me.

I may need to check out Dave Ramsey since he apparently specializes in helping people like me dig themselves out before it gets too late.

Any others? I know someone here did recommend another book I got from the library that I enjoyed, so I'll have to go back and find that and maybe reread it.

Since Jeff Yeager is probably not that well known, here is his web page.

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12 Responses to “So who's your financial guru? Dave Ramsey? Jeff Yeager?”

  1. Petunia Says:

    I like Dave Ramsey, although some people are put off by his straight-forward/abrasive manner. It's kind of like making a meal - I know how to cook all the dishes, but not always how to put them together. We already know a lot of what he teaches but not how to put the pieces together, so that's the benefit for us. I have no idea who Jeff Yeager is, and I don't think I'd go for Suze Orman.

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I listen to Suze Orman.

  3. my english castle Says:

    I love Dave too--he's very straightforward, and exactly the kind of no-nonsense message many people need.

    I think I'm kind of beyond Dave; I spend years working in a brokerage firm, but I still occasionally listen to his podcast just to remind myself of all the basics.
    I think he's the best for people coping with no savings and digging themselves out of debt.

    I don't doubt Suze is right, but she gives me a headache.

  4. merch Says:

    Personally, I like Dave Ramsey. But once you are out of debt, he doesn't have much advice after that. Only divide your assets across 4 types of mutual funds, give money to charity, and have fun.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    The wealthy Barber by David Chilton is very easy to read. I alos like Andrew tobias' book , The Only other Investment Book you Need to Read.

  6. asmom Says:

    Dave Ramsey can be entertaining but he is over the top sometimes. I like Suze Orman but there is no one guru I follow. Besides at the most basic level, they all have the same philosophy: spend less than what you earn, stay out of debt and save, save, save.

  7. jIM_Ohio Says:

    merch is spot on regarding DR.

    Dave can help people get out of debt and LBYM, but he cannot really help people build a significant net worth, IMO.

    I tend to follow common sense, which means I listen to me most of the time.

  8. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Andrew Tobias and Michelle Singletary are my financial gurus. I give Bailout Monitor Professor Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi honorable mentions.

  9. Koppur Says:

    I love Jeff Yeager! Smile I bought his most recent book this last summer. He is so funny, but his advice is so spot on! I also love Suze Orman.

  10. Broken Arrow Says:

    I don't know, I'm more a buffet kind of guy. I pick up and use a little bit of everything, depending on what it is and how useful it is to me. Sometimes, some advices work better for others than me, and vice versa, because we're all in different situations, on different stretches of the road.

    However, I suppose I am also a Buffett kind of guy as well. I am not the kind that typically hero worships, but he has made a lot of sense to me so far.

  11. ralph Says:

    I don't know, I'm more a buffet kind of guy. Warren or Jimmy? Smile

  12. homebody Says:

    I like to read/listen to them all, keeps me motivated.

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