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What chunk of work works best for you? Baby steps? Blitzes?

March 28th, 2010 at 02:08 pm

I guess the real answer lies somewhere in between. I use both baby steps and blitzes, and they both seem to have their place. So as long as we do at least one, that's most of the battle.

Building momentum is definitely cool, so starting with baby steps and ramping up as you can see a deadline become doable. I guess this is the logic behind paying off the smallest debts first, to build some confidence. I'd be willing to bet that there is a pretty significant flood of feel-good chemicals released into your bloodstream upon completion of a task, and the more arduous and difficult the more released. On the flip side, there is nothing more demoralizing than feeling overwhelmed and like you can't make progress.

This seems to be all I post about, so you can tell it weighs heavily on my mind, which is just about always groaning under the weight of something or other. Smile

Anyway, on a related note, kudos to the people who keep this site running - it truly is a wealth of good financial info and I'm quite glad I found it 2 years or so ago.

3 Responses to “What chunk of work works best for you? Baby steps? Blitzes?”

  1. kristenintheislands Says:

    Baby steps seem to work best for me in the beginning, then I move on to a brisk walk (I hate running - lol). I find baby steps allows me to create a habit without feeling I'm missing out on anything. As I see positive results I want to do more to met my goal.

    It's like losing weight. Saying on New Years I want to lose 50lbs in 2010 is seems like such a huge goal. By mid-January it seems unattainable to a lot of people and they just give up. Saying in Januray I want to lose 4lbs seems a lot easier to do. If you do that every month for 12 months you will almost hit your goal. More than likely half way through the year you will see the results and raise the mini-goals to hit the larger goal.

  2. snshijuptr Says:

    I find what keeps me going is not the pace that I'm completing things, but how I organize it in my mind. You can setup a checklist of each type of debt or you could setup a checklist for each $1000 in debt. If you need the small goals then the latter might work best. I like to track all of my spending, but a month sometimes feels like too long for tracking. I usually do projections of the rate of expense. In college I had myself on a daily allowance because it made sense to me.

  3. Jerry Says:

    I'm currently about to lead myself into tackling a huge academic project, and I know that I will have to do it a bit at a time, if only because it is impossible to do all at once. With that said, though, I know that there are times when I get on a real roll, and I'm feeling good, and my neurons are a-crackling, that I will have some insurance to get a few weeks' worth of work done all at once. Still, IMHO, the little by little stuff has to be there so that the big huge chunks make more sense and flow better. At least, when you're writing stuff.

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