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Goodbye to bottled water (almost) PURFilter is nice!

July 18th, 2010 at 08:54 pm

Our tap water has a bad enough taste (mainly from chlorine) that we used to buy those 2.5 gallon jugs of water. But since we started using a PURFilter oval pitcher, that has stopped, except of course for the portable bottles. So besides the substantial savings, we are generating less waste, and both are nice frugal things to do.

There only real downside is that sometimes the filtering can be a little slow, as the filter gets older. Being cheap as heck, of course I planned to replace the filter way less than the recommended 1-2 month interval, since it is just being filtered for taste. I figure I would taste any breakthrough. But that plan looks like it is being jeopardized because the filter getting slow as it ages is a problem because then the unfiltered water gets poured out before the filtered water when used if the top section hasn't drained down yet. And man, is there ever a difference in filter price depending on where you buy it. At our local Shop-rite, one is $12.99! Versus about $6.50 or so at Amazon.

I find this pitcher a lot more aesthetic than having one of those big contraptions on the faucet, but who knows, I may do that later. But for now, I am very happy with it.

2 Responses to “Goodbye to bottled water (almost) PURFilter is nice!”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    Our tap water actually tastes ok, and we have a Brita water filter jug, too. Mainly bought it because DF's sister always complains that we don't have filtered water when she visits us. She is the only one that uses it - DF and I forget to fill it up, and neither of us like cold water from the fridge as it hurts our teeth, so it sits in the corner of our kitchen unused most of the time Smile filters are $23 for two, but i got our last pack on sale for $16.10

  2. Ralph Says:

    Just an update - good old Target had the filter for $6.89, about the same as Amazon, so I bought one and it works great, drains down VERY quickly. Much better. Smile

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