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A beautiful vacation day on tap! Plus, Adblock is nice!

October 26th, 2010 at 12:04 pm

So I am spending a little time here first thing just to get in the frugal frame of mind. My main goal for today is to recover the garage for my car by organizing all the junk stored therein before the first frost, so today it is!

I just searched my blog for "About Me" and I successfully found when I asked about the data in that section missing, and I found that Kimiko told me it was Adblock in Firefox, so I just disabled the Adblock filter ###ad_left and the data returned. Searching really is a boon for us people with old-timer's disease! And I love Adblock, so this one little quirk is easy to take.

OK, the dog needs a walk, so we're off!

3 Responses to “A beautiful vacation day on tap! Plus, Adblock is nice!”

  1. Homebody Says:

    And just think maybe you will find some things you forgot you had!! Our garage needs a good clean out. Now that hunting season is about over, DH can put all his crap away.

  2. Ralph Says:

    Whew! I am beat, but a good beat. I just BARELY got my car in there, and it is about as small as they come!

    This is the first real time in about six years! I had it in for a night a few weeks ago but I cheated by moving all the junk to the other side - my wife was not amused!

    I have about a 2-1/3 car garage, and there is a LOT of stuff in that 1/3! A motorcycle (currently on craigslist but no nibbles yet), about 5 bicycles, assorted engine parts to be sold, a lawnmower, edger, and wheelbarrow, and a LOT of miscellaneous detritus. A masterful job of packing if I do say so myself.

  3. SicilyYoder Says:

    You ought to see my garage...I don't park my car in there.

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