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A major rebate fail - damage control time

October 7th, 2012 at 03:52 pm

I did something so dumb that I am beside myself. When we got a new heater and furnace, the heating contractor told me that the people that handle those are terrible - that they always say they lost the forms. But the only thing I did in defense was to (hopefully) keep a copy, that I have not yet found.

In retrospect, why the heck didn't I send it certified or registered mail? I called the company around the 120 day mark, which is when they said it would come, and there was still no sign of it.

And don't get me started - they didn't lose it, they obviously flushed it! So lazy people like me are easy prey for their sleazy tactics. This brings out the fight in me - hence the damage control. I know my chances of recovery are zilch if I can't locate the copies. But what are my chances if I do?

4 Responses to “A major rebate fail - damage control time”

  1. DayByDay Says:

    I know how you feel. I didn't get a $50 rebate for a dryer I bought. Rebate place said they did not get my paperwork though I had sent it in right away. I felt scammed and learned to not base my purchasing decisions on rebate offers. I avoid them and just look for the best in-store prices instead.

  2. Ralph Says:

    Good news! I FINALLY found the copies! In the "to be filed" wug. So now the fun starts with the re-submittal. I am going to send it return receipt requested. I'll start by being nice, but I am going to be aggressive in keeping after them. Actually, I figure this whole "losing" rebate forms is postal fraud, dangit! So they are going to get a visit from Wilford Bromley if they don't pay up!

  3. Jerry Says:

    I think it is terrible that companies will do stuff like that, and I'm glad that you found your copies! Resubmit nicely, but don't hesitate to pull a bulldog move if you have to... that will generally lead to a positive result. Huzzah for having the insurance of a "to be filed" stack! Wink Jerry

  4. Ralph Says:

    Wow - here it is more than a year later and I have one of the rebates and one is still in the works. I guess that old Lethargic National Bank parody commercial is correct. As a stodgy old banker blows the dust off a stack of loan applications he says: "You can't rush these things!"

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